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 Jin Lie What is past, is still present


Jin Lie was born in Shanxi,grew up in Beijing in 1969 and has lived in Germany since 1990. He studiedpainting at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and has lived in Berlin since 2002.He has taken part in many renowned exhibitions and his works can be found ininternational collections.

Jin Lie's works have formany years focused on the tension between painted and drawn abstraction andfiguration, as well as between visual representation and physical two and threedimensionality.

For the Chengdu MOCA Jin Lieis planning a presentation of recent works most of then produced for theexhibition, of different sizes, specifically designed for the museum space. Allworks on display, including those which play with physical threedimensionality, are to be presented on the museum walls with a clear,reduced-minimal hanging. The exhibition project as a whole, which through useof historically loaded motives and references invites us to reflect on thepresence of the past, is to be perceived as a painting exhibition and will bedeveloped and implemented as a site-specific installation for Chengdu MOCA. Forthe artist, reality exists through using examples of historical developmentswhich are interconnected. As a result, a narrative emerges wherein it is notclear if it is real or fiction. This duality, of reality and fiction, isexpressed in the works.

The title of the exhibitionis “Was vergangen ist, ist immer noch da” (What is past, is still present) – “过去的事现在还在”. The phrase references a special edition of theGerman weekly news magazine “Der Spiegel” from 2001 entitled “Die Gegenwart derVergangenheit” (The presence of the past) in which writers debated the topic ofthe presence of the past and its relevance today. 

In the spirit of this, andalongside a selection of paintings on canvas, Jin Lie will presentsinstallations and objects. Together these provide the viewer with a clearindication of reality as Jin Lie observes it and its history, which oftenbecomes apparent in the perception of the present. Concretely, it focuses on amemory of the media representation of alleged past colonial connections, bethey between Europe and Africa or China and Africa. The intention of theexhibition is to give a platform to Jin Lie's works in China. The experiencewhich the artist has gained over the last 25 years through living in Germanyand  working within the international artscene will be discussed in an exchange with local audience, curators andartists in partnership with the Sichuan Art Academy.


Tereza deArruda, Curator

Berlin June 2016


Museum of Contemporary ArtChengdu

Jin Lie What is past, isstill present

Curator: Tereza de Arruda

28th March - 14th May, 2017

Opening: 3:30 pm, 28th March2017

Opening Hours: 10:00 -17:30, Tuesday to Sunday

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